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Dride will enhance every aspect of your driving. protect you from dangerous distractions, and build a community around driving safely.

Dride is a revolutionary new product built to enhance every aspect of your driving, protect you from dangerous mobile distractions, and build a community around driving smartly and safely. Dride is a dashcam, but does so much more. It comes with a real time safety alert system, navigation and voice-to-text technology. You can also build your own driving apps and make Dride as intelligent as you are. It’s now possible for you to drive smart. You can have Dride read and write your text messages and navigate you to your destination so that you can keep your eyes off your phone and on the road!

Dride cloud is a cloud DVR for drivers to save their footage and share this footage with our world-wide driving community while storing GPS locations and license plate numbers. With the use of Dride Cloud, reckless drivers will be encouraged to drive more responsibly, since they know that their dangerous speed or reckless actions will be documented and reported.

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