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An interesting fact: The route to the government-sponsored Baoding Mountain Wind Farm is 5.5 km long, and includes 212 turns and slopes as steep as 30 degrees. The journey with each blade took five hours, and the drivers had to negotiate the load through villages with buildings on either side of the road, and high voltage power lines. The blades are 52.4 metres long, and weigh over 12 tons.

Wind energy as one of the most cost effective forms of renewable energy is making a significant and rapidly growing contribution to electricity generation in China, by the end of 2014, China has become the world’s largest wind energy producer.

Yunnan province is known for its wealth of wind energy resources, with 96% of  its area is comprised of mountain. At the peak of Baoding mountain at an altitude of 2900m, the construction of a government invested wind farm project is underway.

One of the challenges of the project is to transport 90 wind turbine blades to the top of the mountain, the blade is 52.4 meters long and weighs over 12 tons. They have to be delivered to the construction site through treacherous mountain roads. C&C U480 tractor was chosen for this task.


The road to the mountain top contains 212 turns and steep slopes with steepest slope reaching over 30 degree. To deliver each blade to the construction site will take 5 hours. the complicated mountain road condition requires a high performance truck with powerful powertrain with excellent maneuverability.

The 3 C&C U480 tractors chosen for this task are equipped with C&C YC6k12 engines which produce 480 hp and 2,200 Nm, the drive axles use 16 ton double reduction planetary axle, and an axle ratio of 6.73:1. Each truck is also equipped with Fast 16 speed MT transmission. The upgraded powertrain provides powerful pulling power and greater traction power on front and rear wheels.

The trucks also have the added benefit of Jacobs engine brake retarder, which increases the total breaking power up to 25kw/L.

In order to cope with complicated road condition, each truck come with a versatile heavy-haul wind trailer which can adjust wind turbine blade’s height and angle through the hydraulic system to avoid obstacles on the mountain road.

One experienced driver who has driven lots of Chinese trucks was very impressed with C&C truck’s powerful drivetrain, “it is the best truck I have driven, it is extremely comfortable and powerful, the truck can go up even the steepest slope with ease.”

Source: CIMC


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